Hands down, Zimbabwe is one of the most spectacular countries in Southern Africa, teaming with natural beauty and wildlife that thrill and delight safari goers the world over. From the mighty Victoria Falls and massive Lake Kariba to the vast number of Lodges and Game Reserves that cater for most budgets, it is no wonder that this beautiful country is a sort after destination.

Zimbabweans are known for their warm and welcoming nature, and despite the complex political history of the country, it is always the kindness of its people that travellers fondly remember. Without a doubt, it has earned itself credibility as offering some of the best guiding in Africa, due to its strict training regime, and for this reason, travellers are guaranteed an unforgettable holiday.


  • Victoria Falls, a natural wonder of the world

  • Lake Kariba, the largest man made lake

  • Huge elephant herds in Hwange National Park