Hands down, Zimbabwe is one of the most spectacular countries in southern Africa, teaming with natural beauty and wildlife that thrill and delight safari goers the world over. From the mighty Victoria Falls and massive Lake Kariba to the vast number of Lodges and Game Reserves that cater for most budgets, it is no wonder that this beautiful country is a sort after destination.


There are as many reasons to travel to Botswana as there are reasons to travel on safari in Africa, such is the diversity of landscapes and wildlife in the country, and range of activities to appreciate the attractions. Although more than 80% of the land mass of Botswana lies in the Kalahari it is nevertheless a country of great diversity, with unique landscapes playing host to a wide variety of species. Within this great sand deposit are swamps and rivers, giving the great desert a unique appeal. It plays host to the worlds largest inland delta, the Okavango where the majority of lodges are located.


For many travelers, Zambia is known primarily for the grandeur of the Victoria Falls and the vast Lake Kariba, the worlds largest man made lake. Yet a safari in Zambia is no mere add on. Threaded with permanent rivers that prove a magnet for animals, Zambia is home to an enticing network of national parks, often less visited than their counterparts in Botswana, Tanzania or Kenya, and some considerably wilder.

South Africa

Few destinations rival South Africa when it comes to offering a wide range of attractions combined with easy and convenient regional travel. Home to the Big 5 and breath-taking natural beauty, South Africa is an ideal safari destination for families, honeymooners and adventure seekers of all ages. Game reserves are teeming with lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, the rare cheetah and the endangered African Wild Dog as well as all the plains game favourites like zebra, giraffe and gazelle. South Africa’s Greater Kruger area is widely considered the best place in Africa to see leopard, the most elusive of all big cats.